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Catherine McGowan Animal Physiotherapy. Assessment, Treatment and Rehabilitation of Animals

A thoroughly updated edition of this essential reference guide for physiotherapists and physical therapists, looking to apply the proven benefits of physiotherapy to the treatment of companion and performance animals. Seven new chapters provide greatly expanded coverage of practical treatment and rehabilitation Includes reviews of different physiotherapy techniques, drawing on both human and animal literature Discusses approaches in small animal medicine as well as for elite equine athletes Provides applied evidence-based clinical reasoning model, with case examples Now in full colour with many more illustrations

5799.04 РУБ



Janet Dyke B.Van Canine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

Canine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation offers a gold-standard, comprehensive reference on all aspects of sports medicine and rehabilitation for all dogs. Written by an outstanding group of leaders in the field, the book covers topics ranging from biomechanics, exercise physiology, nutrition, and common orthopedic conditions of the canine athlete to in-depth rehabilitation and integrative therapies for all dogs. Each chapter includes case studies and numerous color images to demonstrate the concepts discussed. Encompassing basic science and integrated veterinary and physical therapy approaches, Canine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation is a complete resource for veterinarians, physical therapists, veterinary technicians and anyone interested in working with canine athletes or in offering rehabilitation therapy in their practice.

7684.36 РУБ



David Prydie Practical Physiotherapy for Small Animal Practice

Practical Physiotherapy for Small Animal Practice provides a concise and accessible introduction to physiotherapy that demonstrates its benefits to both veterinary patients and practitioners. One of the fastest growing specialties in veterinary medicine, this book will help you to successfully introduce physiotherapy into your practice improving rehabilitation and recovery of dogs and cats. Key features: Covers an array of different treatments and techniques, such as manual therapies, therapeutic exercise, electrotherapy, and hydrotherapy Includes practical advice on selecting equipment, examinations, treatment protocols, and charging Offers strategies for introducing physiotherapy into the practice schedule, including space and staffing requirements Companion website provides over 50 printable client education handouts for download

4711.59 РУБ



Jacob Patijn Evidence-based Interventional Pain Practice. According to Clinical Diagnoses

Unrelieved chronic pain is a worldwide epidemic Chronic pain has been subject to multiple international initiatives through the World Health Organization. Interventional Pain Medicine, the use of minimally invasive techniques to relieve pain, is the best approach when simpler measures such as physical therapy or medications fail. However, these procedures can be associated with significant risk and expense. Establishing uniformity in diagnostic criteria and procedural performance can reduce both morbidity and unnecessary procedures, and hence healthcare expenditures. While other texts explain how to perform these procedures, little focus has been given to diagnostic considerations: if and when these procedures should be performed. Evidence-Based Interventional Pain Medicine focuses on a balance between effectiveness and safety of interventional management for specific diagnoses, across all areas of chronic pain including: Head, neck and shoulder pain Lower back pain Neuropathic pain syndromes Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Pain in patients with cancer Vascular and visceral pain Evidence-Based Interventional Pain Medicine provides essential knowledge for anyone who uses, or intends to use, interventional pain techniques.

10725.91 РУБ



Walter Frontera R. Rehabilitation of Sports Injuries. Scientific Basis

Rehabilitation is, by definition, the restoration of optimal form and function for an athlete. In this edition in the Encyclopedia series, the editor and contributors advocate that rehabilitation should begin as soon as possible after the injurty occurs, alongside therapeutic measures such as anti-inflammatories and other pain killing agents. This might also begin before, or immediately after, surgery. The rehabilitative process is therefore managed by a multi-disciplinary team, including physicians, physiotherapists, psychologists, nutritionists, and athletic trainers, amongst others. This book considers the three phases of rehabilitation: pain relief, protection of the affected area and limitation of tissue damage; limitation of impairment and recovery of flexibility, strength, endurance, balance and co-ordination; and finally the start of conditioning to return to training and competition.

21932.74 РУБ



Richard Siegert J. Interprofessional Rehabilitation. A Person-Centred Approach

Interprofessional Rehabilitation: a Person-Centred Approach is a concise and readable introduction to the principles and practice of a person-centred interprofessional approach to rehabilitation, based upon a firm scientific evidence base. Written by a multi-contributor team of specialists in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nursing, psychology and rehabilitation medicine, this text draws together common themes that cut across the different professional groups and the spectrum of health conditions requiring rehabilitation, and sets out a model of practice that is tailored to the specific needs of the client. Showing interprofessionalism at work in a range of clinical contexts, the book argues that effective rehabilitation is best conducted by well-integrated teams of specialists working in an interdisciplinary way, with the client or patient actively involved in all stages of the process. This book will be essential reading for students preparing for practice in an increasingly interprofessional environment, and will be of interest to any health care practitioner keen to understand how an integrated approach to rehabilitation can benefit their clients.

3769.27 РУБ



Colvin Lesley A. ABC of Pain

Chronic pain is a very common problem, impacting on many patients. Assessment and management can be challenging. The ABC of Pain focuses on the pain management issues often encountered in primary care. Covering major chronic pain presentations, such as musculoskeletal pain, low back pain and neuropathic pain, the ABC of Pain also provides guidance on the management of pain in pregnancy, children, older adults, drug dependency and the terminally ill. Beginning with an overview of the epidemiology of chronic pain, pain mechanisms and the assessment of pain, it then provides practical guidance on interventional procedures and methods of effective pain management. The ABC of Pain is a comprehensive, evidence-based reference. It is ideal for GPs, junior doctors, nurse specialists in primary care, palliative care specialists, and also hospital and hospice staff managing chronically and terminally ill patients.

3667.67 РУБ



Patel Dipti ABC of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

This new edition of Occupational and Environmental Medicine concentrates more on the newer kinds of occupational disease including those (like “RSI” and pesticide poisoning) where exposure and effects are difficult to understand. There is specific emphasis on work, health and wellbeing, with links to public health, health promotion, the value of work, disabled people at work, the aging workforce, vocational rehabilitation, evidence based practice, and further chapters on the health effects of climate change and of occupational health and safety in relation to migration and terrorism.

3744.16 РУБ



Natanya Civjan Natural Products in Chemical Biology

Based on the award winning Wiley Encyclopedia of Chemical Biology, this book provides a general overview of the unique features of the small molecules referred to as «natural products», explores how this traditionally organic chemistry-based field was transformed by insights from genetics and biochemistry, and highlights some promising future directions. The book begins by introducing natural products from different origins, moves on to presenting and discussing biosynthesis of various classes of natural products, and then looks at natural products as models and the possibilities of using them in medicine.

10479.07 РУБ



Xenia Shantceva Aksinia. Restless legs syndrome

Xenia Shantсeva wrote this story to inform more people about this syndrome. Do you like to sleep and dream? Not all people can sleep. Why? Aksinia will inform you about Restless legs syndrome. She will show the path of pain to science. Read the book and find the answer together.

180 РУБ



Jeffrey McCullough Rossis Principles of Transfusion Medicine

Rossis Principles of Transfusion Medicine is the most comprehensive and practical reference on transfusion science and medicine available Led by a world class Editor team, including two past-presidents of AABB, a past- President of the American Board of Pathology and members of the FDA Blood Products Advisory Committee , and international contributor team Comprehensive reference resource, considered the gold standard in transfusion Covers current hot topics such as donor care – including the frequency of donation and management of iron deficiency/status), patient blood management, hemovigilance, cstem cell therapies, and global aspects of the organization of transfusion and transplant services New material on molecular immunohematology Companion website includes figures, full text and references

21386.48 РУБ



Kristin Ciriello Pothier Personalizing Precision Medicine. A Global Voyage from Vision to Reality

The author uses decades of experience and interviews with experts in precision medicine to explain past, present, and future of precision medicine. She reviews the full continuum of personalizing precision medicine, including diagnostics, therapeutics, big data, supportive care, regulation, and reimbursement and innovation in precision medicine worldwide. • Combines a unique cross section of history, current technologies, and future directions for how precision medicine has and will affect people worldwide • Reviews precision medicine around the world, including the US, China, Japan, the Middle East, India, Europe, and Latin America • Discusses a number of diseases areas – cancer, cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, infectious disease, pain, immunology, rare diseases • Includes information and quotes from over 100 interviews with key industry experts in biotech, pharma, informatics, diagnostics, health providers, advocacy groups, and more. • Includes stories illustrating current issues and future promises in precision medicine for a human touch

2171.46 РУБ



Saad Bashar Greco-Arab and Islamic Herbal Medicine. Traditional System, Ethics, Safety, Efficacy, Regulatory Issues

This book presents a systematic review on traditional Arab herbal medicine including historical background, medical innovations introduced by Arab physicians, common roots of Arab medicine and western medicine, methodology of drug discovery and therapy in Arabic and Islamic medicine, a state-of-the-art description of traditional Arab herbal medicine, and evidence-based safety and efficacy of Arab and Islamic medicines. The usage of modern cell biological, biochemical, in vitro and in vivo techniques for the evaluation of medicinal plant safety and efficacy is also discussed. The toxicity of herbal formulations safety, quality assurances, and chemical analytical techniques are introduced in this book.

12467.8 РУБ



Christine Jones Cardiac Rehabilitation. A Workbook for use with Group Programmes

This easy-to-use manual provides a practical framework for a multi-disciplinary team to deliver a successful cardiac rehabilitation programme. Despite evidence that cardiac rehabilitation programmes reduce risk, there is no standard for hospital-based multidisciplinary programmes – which are thus complex and costly to design and implement Based on the cardiac rehabilitation work that has been carried out at in Gloucestershire over the past fifteen years, developing and constantly evaluating the evidence base for the programme Includes client handouts such as food and exercise diaries

4056.09 РУБ



Polymers and Rubbers Application Compendium - Agilent

19 янв. 2012 г. - instead of waiting hours for resin to cure and then spending time cutting and ..... or portable Agilent 5500/4500 Series FTIR, can also be used.

GCHC 2018 FINAL ACCOUNTS - Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity

cancer treatments to Scotland for years to come. .... a miniature version of a real MRI scanner which shows the children how it works by using a series of.

Мочалка для тела OHE CURE series средней жесткости 100 см ...

Мочалка для тела OHE CURE series средней жесткости 100 см (розовая) 1/220. ... Артикул: 618314. Размер: 1 шт. Бренд: OHE. Товар в наличии.

27355-04: BD мод. 1130, 1170, 1200 Термометры медицинские ...

Термометры медицинские цифровые BD мод. 1130, 1170, 1200 ... Производитель / заявитель: Фирма "BREMED Italia S.r.l.", Италия · Подробнее ...

В мире появился четвертый производитель процессоров x86 для ...

9 июл. 2018 г. - Hygon, китайский производитель полупроводниковых изделий, ... Например, компания Zhaoxin Semiconductor в партнерстве с VIA ...... Но денег нет, держитесь там и платите НДС по 20% и пенсия в 65 и медицины ...

Silent Hill - Plot Analysis - IGN.com

23 мая 2005 г. - What do you think is the thing, that the SH series cannot be ...... but she didn't believe in any miraculous cure ("It's be easier if they'd just kill me.


МОЧАЛКА ДЛЯ ТЕЛА СРЕДНЕЙ ЖЕСТКОСТИ (ЗЕЛЕНАЯ), OHE CURE SERIES купить предлагаем в интернет магазине японской и корейской косметики ...

2 Мочалки. Губки. Рукавички. Щетки для тела - интернет магазин ...

Мочалка OHE Cure series 618314 станет неотъемлемым атрибутом вашей ванной комнаты. Мочалка оказывает легкое массажное воздействие и.

update to 3.0.6 - thread aware examples. - update to 3.0.7 - update to ...

(GNOME Bugzilla #618314) + Smart brace completion is no longer smart. ...... for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_11_Mass_Rebuild - Fixed build to cure ...... in 1.0 series) - fix soname to match 1.0.1 (upstream made it go from .1 to .0 ?)

Мочалка OHE Cure series 618314 купить по низкой цене в Москве и ...

Мочалка OHE Cure series 618314 покупайте в интернет-магазине Топ-Шоп. Заказывай +7(499) 2158232 в телемагазине. Быстро доставим в Москве, ...

changing lives - Investor Relations Solutions

13 дек. 2011 г. - treatments have limited effectiveness or undesirable side effects resulting in a high degree of ...... Certificate of Designations of Series A ..... Current portion of restricted investments in marketable securities . . . . . . . . . 618,314.

https://www.kohls.com/product/prd-3100290/pittsburgh-penguins-6 ...

... -cup-pod-dunkin-donuts-bakery-series-caramel-coffee-cake-16-pk.jsp weekly ...... /womens-new-balance-lace-up-for-the-cure-transform-high-waisted-tights.jsp ...... https://www.kohls.com/product/prd-618314/fun-rugs-fun-time-football-rug.jsp ...

Patent US8644393 - Multilevel data compression using a single ...

4 февр. 2014 г. - Publication number, 13618314, 618314, US 8644393 B2, US .... each DCT coefficient by a corresponding series of t coefficient bits, where t is an .... Treating non-zero quantized transform coefficients as zeros during video ...

Какая польза и вред молочной сыворотки?

Сыворотка молочная - это продукт богатый белком и в тоже время практически не содержащий ...

OHE: каталог товаров ТОП ШОП с выгодными ценами - Top-shop.ru

OHE в телемагазине ТОП-ШОП. ➜☎+7 (499) 215–82–32. Выгодная цена. Быстрая доставка в Москве, Санкт-Петербурге и др. городах.

LOTON, CORP - Nasdaq

11 мая 2017 г. - Similar to the way the 2005 “Live 8” series of live performances and concerts ...... Reason, subject to a 30-day cure period (each as defined in his employment ...... 618,314. 854,500. Net cash provided by financing activities.

PONOKA TOWN COUNCIL AGENDA August 8 ... - Town of Ponoka

8 авг. 2017 г. - showcase the desired form of buildings and architectural treatments. ..... Action M6: Add a series of public washrooms and drinking fountains throughout the ...... VCH0020475. 618314. $ 5.95. Type Account. Description. Debit.

Приложение. Таблица сравнения идентификационных признаков ...

Приложение. Таблица сравнения идентификационных признаков образцов медицинских изделий, представленных производителем, и образцов ...

Все для ванны и душа, Уход за кожей лица и тела в Екатеринбурге

Мочалка OHE Cure series 618314. 220 руб. Подробное описание. Мочалка ... Мочалка OHE Cure series 618437. 220 руб. Подробное описание. Мочалка ...

Купить мочалки в Екатеринбурге, сравнить цены на мочалки в ...

+7 Показать номер. Top Shop, Интернет-магазин. Под заказ. Мочалка OHE Cure series 618314. 220 руб. из другого города. Перейти. +7 Показать номер.

Toddler Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Toddler stock photos. 618,314 Toddler stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. See toddler stock video clips. Related: infants playing ...

REHABED ARIES. Производитель медицинских и ...

It is designed to provide the user with basic manually operated functions, working via a mechanical rasters - system, allowing the occupant to select positioning ...

Мочалки для тела - Бытовая химия и косметика из Японии-27 ...

Артикул: 618314, "OHE" "CURE series" Мочалка для тела средней жесткости, 100 см. 200,10 р. "OHE" "CURE series" Мочалка для тела средней ...

Murray County Financial Statements and Management Letter - 12/31/09

Series 1996, which were accounted for in the Congregate Housing Enterprise Fund ..... responsible for storing, treating, and distributing water for domestic, ...

adam618314 | Adam Alonzi

6 нояб. 2018 г. - After fleeing to America, Boris went through a series of menial jobs to ... Nervous Ills: Their Causes and Cure is a stirring counterpoint to the ...


Chemical Thermodynamic Properties, Series II", Bulletin. 500, p. 539 .... Redlich-Kwong1s equation was employed in treating the properties of pure H2S ...... •016398 .016686 .616969. •017246 .017519 ~~ .017788 .618052 .618314 .618572.

TDSheet - Восточный дом

770, Мочалки для тела. 771, OHE. 772, 605, 4901065618314, 618314, "OHE" "CURE series" Мочалка для тела средней жесткости, 100 см. (розовая), 1/220 ...


285670 Werck Wmidecal In hnatterip tetate of :6 86 Serie Gecieel. 785847 Helsh .... I.& Wealey Cures och 172Tatay. II. . . wrap ...... 618314 wlikom Jobile st. wir.

budget triangle - Glencoe-Silver Lake

1 дек. 2015 г. - The budget was developed based on a series of assumptions that reflect the administration's ..... $646,182. $618,314. $98,463 ...... Design and install interior finishes and acoustical treatments as appropriate to ensure low ...

Killing the Cure (TV Series 2017– ) - IMDb

Created by Simon Phillips, Paul Tanter. With Justin Gordon, Mem Ferda, Miranda O'Hare, Peter Barrett.Не найдено: 618314Щетка для тела массажная Bradex «Рукавичка»: купить в интернет ...https://roko-market.ru › ... › Щетка для тела массажная Bradex «Рукавичка»Сохраненная копияМочалка OHE CURE SERIES 618314. 220 руб. Подробнее➟. Мочалка OHE CURE SERIES 618437. 220 руб. Подробнее➟. Мочалка OHE CURE SERIES ...

Сериал Медичи: Повелители Флоренции 1 сезон Medici ...

Окунемся в историю, чтобы вновь познакомиться с известными представителями семейства ...

Как в России в 1990-х»: Йордан и Сачер вложились в производство ...

24 авг. 2017 г. - ... жилу» — легальное производство марихуаны в США в медицинских целях. ... Фото James MacDonald / Bloomberg via Getty Images.

produttore - правильные переводы в контексте - с итальянского на ...

21 дек. 2018 г. - Переводы: все91 Другие переводы40 производителей17 ... perché nessun produttore di apparecchi medici se ne voleva fare carico dato che era ... hanno legato le mani alla capacità produttiva del mondo in via di sviluppo, ...

Интернет-магазин Sancity.su | Город сантехники в Санкт ...

В Sancity.su | Городе сантехники Вас ждет широкий ассортимент сантехники от ведущих мировых ...

Agenda - Waverley Council - NSW Government

19 мая 2015 г. - Military Road intersection treatments & traffic calming. (500,000). T&T 29 ..... 618,314. 113,041. Design complete for 13 of 13 projects. 5 projects have been completed. Projects ...... Octagon Limited Series 2005-3 EMU. A-1.

the university of new mexico - UNM Digital Repository

Lecture Series ( 195 people)- Oct. '04, Feb '05 Apr.'05 ...... 55. $ 34,914,057. 35,427,097. 7,361,425. 14,765,602. 618,314. 12,189,007. 3.868.340 ...... -significant support to innovative liver cancer treatments using radioactive materials.

Новости мировой медицины - Новости мировой медицины

Комплексные медицинские услуги и забота о всех членах семьи.

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Как пройти путь от научной идеи до ее внедрения за пять лет

Obbligazione di mezzi o di risultato nel trattamento ...

Una questione che, da sempre, interessa l’attività medica e odontoiatrica è l’eterno dilemma tra l’obbligazione di mezzi e l’obbligazione di risultato. La ...

ГК "Исток-Аудио" - ведущий производитель слуховых аппаратов ...

ГК "Исток-Аудио"- производство и продажа слуховых аппаратов, ... оборудования и медицинской техники Воронову Андрею Михайловичу за ...

2007 Regular Session - Journal of Proceedings of the Senate of ...

1 янв. 2008 г. - Maryland General Obligation Bonds, 2007 First Series. 177 ...... cost of housing and treating youth committed to the. Department and ...... 563,973. 618,314. Amendment No. 26. 27. C81C00.15 Criminal Appeals Division.

Cell Biology in Environmental Toxicology OIHANE DIAZ DE ... - EHU

Series Accession Number GSE8935, Place et al., 2008) such as heat and salinity stress. (Lockwood et al. ...... human HepG2 and primary hepatocytes after styrene and SO treatments (Diodovich et al., 2006). ...... AY618314. 301 Bilbao et al., ...


We will increase our emphasis on treating those with vision and spinal cord ...... As of August 9, 2008, there were 618,314 claims pending in VBA, 394,201 of ...... had servicemembers' Group Life Insurance (SGLI) in the military receive a series ...

Государственный научно-исследовательский центр (ГНИЦ ...

Я знала, что НМИЦ Профилактической медицины есть грамотные аритмологи, которые смогут ...

Самые важные открытия в истории медицины

Самые важные открытия в истории медицины 1. Анатомия человека (1538) Андреас Везалий ...

The Lenta difference

27 апр. 2018 г. - series of initiatives designed to increase our appeal to ...... treatments. .... 618,314. Acquisition of subsidiaries (Note 7). 1,253,373. 309,987.

Совместные покупки - Саратов - OHE CURE series Мочалка для ...

21 июл. 2018 г. - OHE CURE series Мочалка для тела средней жесткости, 100 см. (розовая), 1/220, арт. 618314, цена: 202р.; тип товара: Мочалки для тел.

Selected Research and Development Papers - Volume 1 ... - Eric

The study was conducted as a series of studies to develop a MOOC scale and to show the effects of ...... Bender (2002) offered that two barriers to patient adherence to treatments were not only the overly ...... 10.1080/08923647.2011.618314.

University College London: Articles - Hindawi

... Behavioural Treatments for Tourette Syndrome: An Evidence-Based Review, ... Life in Advanced Parkinson's Disease: A UK Case Series, T. Foltynie, C. Magee, ... Editorial (2 pages), Article ID 618314, Volume 2012 (2012); The Female Sex ...

(PDF) Shiitake Mushroom Extracts Disrupt Streptococcus mutans and ...

Volume 2012, Article ID 618314, 2 pages. Evaluation of Plant and ..... and Future Prospectse, Woodhead Publishing Series in Food. Science, Technology and ...

Revolutionary War Tory original * Rare Pro ... - - RareNewspapers.com

... Concluded" "Cures Performed by Using the Baths" of Bareges; "An Infallible Receipt to Destroy Bugs" and more. ...... Item #618314 ... World Series of baseball

united states securities and exchange commission - Molymet

16 мар. 2015 г. - Yttrium (Y), although not a lanthanide series element, is often ...... Our inability to cure any such defaults, including the prepayment of our debt ...

Federal Reserve Bulletin February 1934 - FRASER|St. Louis Fed

31 янв. 2018 г. - ing, treating, or selling gold for the United States, or in any way dealing in gold ...... fund notes, and adjusted service certificate series, in which special funds ...... 618,314. 896,007. 295, 688. 79, 839. 653,109. 292, 507. 42, 527.

Оборудование для фитнес клубов, современное оснащение ...

Technogym – компания-лидер в области фитнеса и Wellness ... позволяют использовать эти решения в реабилитационных и медицинских целях.

Making Nigeria safer for girls - Vanguard News

9 мар. 2016 г. - 12:11 pmMore photos: Vanguard Economic Forum Series on MSMEs ... Dear friend, If you are looking for a herbal treatment to cure sexually ...

Department of the Interior - US Fish and Wildlife Service

11 сент. 2006 г. - to an ever-increasing series of court orders and ...... silvicultural treatments in non-habitat within the ...... 5250942; 618314, 5250951; 618533,.

Мочалка для тела "Cure Series", жесткая, 100 см (розовая) | Купить ...

Купить «Мочалка для тела "Cure Series", жесткая, 100 см (розовая)» в Интернет-магазине My-shop.ru. Низкая цена ... артикул у производителя, 618314.

Independent auditor's report on the consolidated financial ... - Lenta

28 февр. 2018 г. - Whether an entity considers uncertain tax treatments separately;. ▻ .... 618,314. Acquisition of subsidiaries. (Note 7). 1,253,373. 309,987. 6,089,079 ...... from statistical data, in particular time series analysis. The Group is ...

2016 Empire Life Annual Report

24 февр. 2017 г. - Profit margins increased as the result of a series of profit ...... and responsibilities in the contract, commit to a culture of treating ...... 618,314 $.

Тетрадь школьная Action Lalaloopsy 12 листов линейка скрепка LL ...

Дрель ударная HITACHI DV16V, Мочалка OHE Cure series 618314, Стол обеденный Mebelson Гермес 1, Комплект штор ТамиТекс Карамель, Бра MW ...

мочалка для тела средней жесткости (синяя), ohe cure series - Japtop

... OHE CURE SERIES купить предлагаем в интернет магазине японской и корейской ... Арт. 618314 OHE МОЧАЛКА ДЛЯ ТЕЛА СРЕДНЕЙ ЖЕСТКОСТИ ...

Comprehensive Analysis of Tiamulin Metabolites in Various Species ...

7 дек. 2016 г. - College of Veterinary Medicine and Beijing Laboratory for Food Quality and Safety, Beijing Key Laboratory of Detection Technology for ...

Как вырастить здоровых индюшат? Толковые советы от доктора ...

Как выглядит здоровый индюшонок? Он подвижен, у него блестящие глаза, мягкий, не отвислый ...


24 авг. 2010 г. - our capital and liquidity requirements with a series of funding trusts ...... a currency other than their functional currency, from treating the rights as ...... 618,314. -. 584,094. (459,101). 743,307. Charlie Gollow. 110,000. -. 200,000.

https://tunein.com/radio/Cita-con-el-Romance-p610205/ weekly 0.7 ...

... weekly 0.7 https://tunein.com/radio/The-Soundtrack-Series-p614163/ weekly 0.7 ...... weekly 0.7 https://tunein.com/radio/Calypso-Breakfast-p618314/ weekly 0.7 ...... weekly 0.7 https://tunein.com/radio/Gods-Natural-Cures-p629734/ weekly ...

Medicine cure back legs pain physiotherapy and rehabilitation products 2018 hot. Новости мировой медицины - Новости мировой медицины

Комплексные медицинские услуги и забота о всех членах семьи.

Купить мочалки в Анапе, сравнить цены на мочалки в Анапе - BLIZKO

из другого города. В корзину. +7 Показать номер. Top Shop, Интернет-магазин. Под заказ. Мочалка OHE Cure series 618314. 220 руб. из другого города.

...Feel The Change

cure people of Aids and infertility. He also ...... 618,314. 552,035 amortisation. At 1 January. -. 171,412. -. 171,412. 75,927. Charge for ..... Options series number.

ii book reviews - Berghahn Journals

series of starting and stopping points along a track (even as ..... Treatments of this “new participatory or- thodoxy” (p. ...... 978-1-570-61831-4. Wendy Pabich ...

МЗМТ производитель мужского массажера ХАМБЛ - Google My Maps

Московский Завод Медицинской Техники производитель мужского массажера ХАМБЛ.

Bordeaux Futures 2017 — Product Listing — VINTAGES

LA VIEILLE CURE, 88-90+, 16, 89-92, 90, 89-90, 90, 88-90, 638007, 375, $21. LA VIEILLE CURE, 88-90+ .... CLAUZET, 16, 86-88, 618314, 750, $33. COS D' ...

"OHE" "CURE series" Мочалка для тела средней жесткости, 100 см ...

"OHE" "CURE series" Мочалка для тела средней жесткости, 100 см. (розовая), 1/220 ... Артикул: 618314. Под заказ, ожидаемая дата доставки: 20.01.2019.

statistical abstract of ceylon 1958 - Department of Census and Statistics

31 дек. 2016 г. - Current monthly data for many of the tables or series shown in this ...... treated in the Mental Hospital, being the only Government Institution treating persons ...... 618,314. 650,564. 679,201. 665,000. 664,000. 677,000. 679,000.

ideal detonation velocity of ammonium perchlorate and its ... - DTIC

The charges used in the series of p0 - 1.0 g/co had a density range ...... able as AD 618314. ... from the least squares treatments, the results of Table Al are ob-.

Microbiologist job | Abbott Laboratories job in Russia - Belgorod

«ВЕРОФАРМ» (группа Abbott) – российский производитель лекарственных препаратов и изделий медицинского назначения, портфель компании ...

Мочалка ohe cure series 618314 - 13orb - Магазин техники

Мочалка OHE Cure series 618550 станет неотъемлемым атрибутом вашей ванной комнаты. Выполненная из нейлона с особым плетением нитей она ...

OHE Cure Series Мочалка для тела средней жесткости, розовая ...

OHE Cure Series Мочалка для тела средней жесткости, розовая 100 см. (4901065618314). Средней жёсткости, 618314 OHE Cure Series Мочалка для ...

oai/?verb=ListRecords&metadataPrefix=untl - UNT Digital Library

The data series describe production, imports and exports, inter-Petroleum Administration ..... access_rights:public CURE: Clean use of reactor energy org United States. ...... ark:/67531/metadc618314 mphillips DC ark:/67531/metadc618314 ...

Cover FY13.pub - West Ada

17 июл. 2012 г. - This form of. “negotiated sale” was used for our Series 2002 Bonds and 2005 Bonds. ...... School nursing district software used at 100% for office visits, medication and treatments resulting in accurate ...... $618,314. $721,073.

Charles Newton — Department of Psychiatry

Contact information. Email [email protected] Telephone +44 (0)1865 618314. Charles Newton. MBChB (UCT), MA (Oxford), MRCP (London), ...

Компания ЗАО «Рентгенпром»

From: 'А.Р Б.И.' via office [mailto:[email protected]] ... До конца 2016 года в медицинских центрах Краснодарского края появятся 16 флюорографов.

English version

22 июн. 2015 г. - Mass production of shale gas in the United States led to a series of price cuts from OPEC; furthermore, the ...... bank also provides various preferential treatments to customers according to the different levels of ...... 618,314 (.

Юридическая фирма «Альта Виа»

Alta Via сегодня ... ТистаТермикКомпани компания, более десяти лет занимающаяся ... EMC медицинская компания, специализирующаяся на оказании ...

The Cure Series by Charlotte McConaghy - Goodreads

Fury: Episode 1 (The Cure, #1), Fury: Episode 2 (The Cure, #1), Fury: Episode 3 (The Cure, #1), Fury (The Cure, #1), Melancholy: Episode One (The Cure, ...Не найдено: 618314«BeauteTVshop» окраска, тонирование, мелирование, уход за ...www.hairroom.ru/beautetvshop/index.html?page=34Сохраненная копияОписание: Мочалка OHE Cure series 618314 станет неотъемлемым атрибутом вашей ванной комнаты. Выполненная из нейлона с особым плетением ...

Effects of Intraarterial Thrombin in the Swine Model - Journal of ...

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/S1051-0443(07)61831-4 ..... use of a Cardiac Digital Mobile C-Arm (series 9600; OEC Medical Systems, Salt Lake City, UT). ...... injection: A new method for treating postcatheterization femoral pseudoaneurysms.

Cayman Islands - HKEXnews

governmental orders requiring the cessation or cure of certain activities ..... Buildings will continue to increase due to a series of favourable policies from the ...

"OHE" "CURE series" Мочалка для тела средней жесткости, 100 см ...

Артикул: 618314. Под заказ, ожидаемая дата доставки: 27.02.2019. Организатор: SUCCESS 10.0. "OHE" "CURE series" Мочалка для тела средней ...

Dividends Net Tangible Asset Backing Brief Explanation ... - HotCopper

24 авг. 2010 г. - our capital and liquidity requirements with a series of funding trusts ...... a currency other than their functional currency, from treating the rights as ...... 618,314. -. 584,094. (459,101). 743,307. Charlie Gollow. 110,000. -. 200,000.

Janus Aspen Series - Minnesota Life

30 июн. 2013 г. - The Portfolio is part of Janus Aspen Series ...... differing treatments for items such as net short-term ...... opposed to just treating its symptoms.

SUNOCO LOGISTICS PARTNERS LP - 10-K Annual Report - 12/31 ...

... Units held by non-affiliates of the registrant (treating all executive officers and ...... lump sum, or in a series of up to 20 approximately equal annual installments.

Contents - Springer Link

6 июл. 2018 г. - This series analyses issues in China's current economic development, and ...... 618314. 658 582. 1 589 282. 1 192 535. 5 217 522. 678 179 ...... (5) To enjoy preferential treatments provided by trade union-run undertakings.

The Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District - MuniOS

22 нояб. 2017 г. - (2) the interest on the Series 2017A Bonds (including any original issue ...... moneys sufficient to cure any such deficiency, as described herein under the ...... 618,314. 3. Civil Service Commission. 1,404. 493. 1,000. 1,000.


28 окт. 2009 г. - Selling, general and administrative. 194,068. 222,948. 618,314 ...... In late 2007, we were served with a series of putative class action ..... adjunctive therapy for treating major depressive disorder in adults with bipolar I disorder ...

Что в Севастополе думают о качестве медицины | ForPost

К концу следующего десятилетия Россия должна уверенно войти в клуб стран «80 плюс», где ...


Similar to the way the 2005 “Live 8” series of live performances and concerts ...... Cause or he resigns for Good Reason, subject to a 30-day cure period (each as ...... 1,375,000. 618,314. Repayment of services payable, related party. (750,000. ).

https://blenderartists.org/t/sapling-defender/611633 2014-06-17T22:58 ...

... https://blenderartists.org/t/cosmic-embers-live-action-web-series-needs-cg-artists/ ...... https://blenderartists.org/t/the-only-cure-project-animation-movie-work-in-progress/ ...... https://blenderartists.org/t/texturing-hdrs-and-the-tardis/618314 ...

Viamedici - Product Communication | Viamedici

Frost & Sullivan Product Leadership Award 2018 geht an Viamedici. Viamedici gewinnt die begehrte Auszeichnung für EPIM4 und herausragende Leistungen ...Не найдено: производительViamedici - Product Communication | Viamedicihttps://www.viamedici.com/Сохраненная копияПеревести эту страницуFrost & Sullivan Product Leadership Award 2018 goes to Viamedici. Viamedici wins the coveted award for EPIM4 and outstanding achievements in PIM.Не найдено: производительРоссийский производитель медицинских экзоскелетов «ЭкзоАтлет ...https://sk.ru/.../rossiyskiy-proizvoditel-medicinskih-ekzoskeletov-ekzoatlet-vyshel-na-...Сохраненная копияПохожие14 июл. 2016 г. - Резидент Фонда «Сколково» компания « ЭкзоАтлет », производитель медицинских экзоскелетов для реабилитации, получил ...

nike air euc trainer sc uomini bianchi euc air 302346-108 scarpe alte ...

... salto in lungo palo spike rio 882016-999 uomini 12 w 1 serie di punte,nike tz 85 ...... sempre più elevato di persone saranno costrette a rinunciare alle cure.

Densities, partial molal volumes and expansibilities of some aqueous ...

creasing ionic radius across the rare earth chloride series was not found. ...... In addition to treating the data on neodymium chloride obtained by ...... 618314. 8.454843. -6. 459088. 2. 092889. -6. 913323. 7.546397. -5. 775220. 1. 896327. -6.

researchand creative activity - UNL Office of Research - University of ...

Nebraska State Forest Service. Hazardous Mitigation Treatments on Non-Federal Lands .... $618,314 . ...... “'Poetics # 2' from the series Poetics of Recognition.”.

The Empire Life Insurance Company - AnnualReports.com

Preferred shares series 1. $. 1.4375. $ ...... with an MGA, clearly set out roles and responsibilities in the contract, commit to a culture of treating customers fairly,.

LiveXLive Media, Inc. - Amazon S3

6 окт. 2017 г. - In May 2017, Amanda Cerny launched her first LXL Studios series of comedy ...... without Cause or he resigns for Good Reason, subject to a 30-day cure ...... 1,375,000. 618,314. Repayment of services payable, related party .

LOTON, CORP - Edgar Online

19 июл. 2016 г. - A series of operating losses of an investee or other factors may indicate that a ..... Proceeds from issuance of common stock, 618,314, 854,500 ...... (10) business days after your receipt of notice of such breach to cure the same.

karnataka - Census of India

Census Handbooks in the foreword to the 2011 series of the District Census Handbooks (DCHBs). ...... treatments and programs to old and sick people. The.

US5858983A - Inhibition of cell adhesion protein-carbohydrate ...

07/618,314, filed Nov. .... 4 is a graph showing the degree of binding of a series of mammalian cell lines to an ..... Non-complement fixing and non-F c receptor binding antibodies would be used for purposes other than treating inflammation.

Initial package - Added action_controller dependency - Created -doc ...

noload => chan_ooh323 - - Affected Versions - Product Release Series - Asterisk ...... patches merged upstream: sched-cure-more-NO_HZ-load-average-woes.patch .... (GNOME Bugzilla #618314) + Smart brace completion is no longer smart.

Датский производитель конопли проведет IPO на фоне роста ...

21 сент. 2018 г. - КОПЕНГАГЕН (Рейтер) - Датский производитель конопли StenoCare готовится в ... Ritzau Scanpix/Andreas Beck via REUTERS ... Чехией и Италией, в которых можно назначать масло конопли в медицинских целях.

Tables for Determining the form of the Geoid and its indirect effect on ...

1 янв. 2006 г. - The formulas for the coefficients of the power series (I) in terms of ...... 615,914. 618,314. 624 714. 623,114. 625,514. 627,912. 630,311. 635; 107. 632,709 ...... different ways of treating the same data are due mainly to the finite.

OHE CURE series Мочалка для тела средней жесткости (розовая ...

OHE CURE series Мочалка для тела средней жесткости (розовая) 28х100 см,арт.618314.

Нүүр хуудас - Монполимет групп

Монполимет Групп нь түүхэн хөгжлийнхөө 20 гаруй жилийн хугацаанд хүнд үйлдвэр, уул уурхай ...

Farmacia San Michele - 26 фото - Производитель медицинского ...

Farmacia San Michele, Афрагола. Отметки "Нравится": 142 · Обсуждают: 1 · Посетили: 2. Производитель медицинского оборудования.

california school cash reserve program authority ... - State of California

2012-2013 Senior Bonds, Series B (the “Series B Senior Bonds”) and its ...... on deposit in a District's Proceeds Subaccount, with such county treating such amount ...... 618,314. 386,315. 407,413. 684,536. 409,782. 422,453. 29,953. 4,799,502.

Minutes - Circular Head Council

16 мар. 2017 г. - The alternative would be negotiating a series of agreements with ..... They are most effective when supported by other physical treatments that ..... 618,314. 1,174,640. Provisions. 1,220,414. 1,167,995. Borrowings. 155,939.

LiveXLive Media, Inc. - Nasdaq

The three-episode series promoting LiveXLive in advance of Hangout Music ...... (each as defined in his employment agreement, subject to our right to cure), ...... 1,375,000. 618,314. Repayment of services payable, related party. (750,000. ) —.

Очки спб | Магазины спб | Купить очки.net

Купить очки спб. Список лучших Санкт-Петербургских магазинов оптики с фото, отзывами ...

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1100547/Pay-passengers ...

22 дек. 2008 г. - ... which ended in Sean Hoey's acquittal of all 29 murders and a series of ..... -Hoy-plagued-panic-attacks-Then-unlikely-cure-.html 2008-12-22 yearly 0.7 ...... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-618314/Belfast-makes-list- ...

138020000* sanitation district no. 1 sanitation district revenue ...

20 сент. 2016 г. - In the opinion of Bond Counsel for the Series 2016 Bonds, based upon an ...... treating the wastewater, through operating and maintaining 124 miles of ...... 618,314. 555,209. 533,981. 619,705. 637,983. 596,152. 1,363,240.

cover sheet - Ayala Corporation

10 мар. 2010 г. - In 2007, a series of capital calls were made by NTDCC amounting to ...... 3) PLDT/ Smart/ TNT/CURE disclosures as of December 31, 2009.


250.00 РУБ. Подробнее Описание. Мочалка OHE Cure series 618437. 220.00 РУБ. Подробнее Описание. Мочалка OHE Cure series 618314. 220.00 РУБ.

http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/media-advisory-aafc ...

... -aux-postes-une-serie-de-quatre-episodes-consacree-oeuvre-619467.htm ...... -release/new-kefir-research-discloses-additional-health-benefits-618314.htm ...... -acquire-pressure-treating-businesses-tsx-cwx.un-616180.htm 2014-09-09 ...

Comfort Paul Sports Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention

This text provides a comprehensive, practical, evidence-based guide to the field. It covers each stage of the rehabilitation process from initial assessment, diagnosis and treatment, to return to pre-injury fitness and injury prevention. Presenting a holistic approach, this text also addresses the nutritional and psychological aspects of the rehabilitation process for the amateur sports enthusiast as well as elite athletes. Divided into five parts, Parts I, II and III cover screening and assessment, the pathophysiology of sports injuries and healing and the various stages of training during the rehabilitation process. Part IV covers effective clinical decision making, and Part V covers joint specific injuries and pathologies in the shoulder, elbow wrist and hand, groin and knee. Key features: Comprehensive. Covers the complete process from diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation and prevention of injuries. Practical and relevant. Explores numerous real world case studies and sample rehabilitation programmes to show how to apply the theory in practice. Cutting Edge. Presents the latest research findings in each area to provide an authoritative guide to the field.

14682.17 РУБ



Dac-Nhuong Le Emerging Technologies for Health and Medicine. Virtual Reality, Augmented Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Robotics, Industry 4.0

With the current advances in technology innovation, the field of medicine and healthcare is rapidly expanding and, as a result, many different areas of human health diagnostics, treatment and care are emerging. Wireless technology is getting faster and 5G mobile technology allows the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) to greatly improve patient care and more effectively prevent illness from developing. This book provides an overview and review of the current and anticipated changes in medicine and healthcare due to new technologies and faster communication between users and devices. This groundbreaking book presents state-of-the-art chapters on many subjects including: A review of the implications of VR and AR healthcare applications A review of current augmenting dental care An overview of typical human-computer interaction (HCI) that can help inform the development of user interface designs and novel ways to evaluate human behavior to responses in virtual reality (VR) and other new technologies A review of telemedicine technologies Building empathy in young children using augmented reality AI technologies for mobile health of stroke monitoring & rehabilitation robotics control Mobile doctor brain AI App An artificial intelligence mobile cloud computing tool Development of a robotic teaching aid for disabled children Training system design of lower limb rehabilitation robot based on virtual reality

20634.69 РУБ



Lionel Edwards D. Principles and Practice of Pharmaceutical Medicine

The new edition of Principles and Practice of Pharmaceutical Medicine is a comprehensive reference guide to all aspects of pharmaceutical medicine. New content includes chapters and coverage on regulatory updates, increasing international harmonization, transitional and probabilistic approaches to drug development, the growing sophistication and regulatory importance of pharmacovigilance, personalized medicine and growth in biotechnology as a source of new experimental drugs.

26099.44 РУБ



Jacqueline Young Complementary Medicine For Dummies

A comprehensive guide to what’s what and what works in complementary medicine, this expert guide cuts through the jargon and gives you the facts about the alternatives. Whether you are interested in maintaining your general well-being or relieving the symptoms of a specific complaint, this book outlines all of the therapies available to you – from acupuncture through healing foods to yoga and massage – and tells you what each treatment is most effective for, how to go about finding a practitioner and what to expect from a consultation. Topics covered in Complementary Medicine For Dummies include: Old Dogs – New Tricks: From Ancient Roots to Modern Practice Turning to the Pros for Your Health Diagnosis Reading the Body (Self-Diagnosis) Uncovering Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Revealing Ayurveda’s ‘Science of Life’ Balancing Health With Tibetan Medicine Purifying the Body with Japanese Medicine Dipping Your Toes Into Nature Cure Getting to the Point of Acupuncture Homing in on Homeopathy Unearthing Herbal Medicine Nibbling on Nutritional Medicine Diving into Naturopathy Opening Up with Osteopathy Getting to the Crunch with Chiropractic Moving with Bodywork Therapies Enjoying Massage Therapies Relaxing with Breathing, Relaxation, and Meditation Scenting Out Aromatherapy and Flower and Tree Remedies Connecting with Healing Therapies Getting Your Head Around Psychological Therapies Feeling the Buss of Energy Medicine Having a Go with Creative Therapies Ten Complementary Medicine Tips for Healthy Living Ten Superfoods for Great Health Ten Great Herbal Remedies Appendix A: A-Z of Therapies ~

1682.89 РУБ



Gomtsyan Arthur Vanilloid Receptor TRPV1 in Drug Discovery. Targeting Pain and Other Pathological Disorders

Examines the emerging therapeutic role of TRPV1 TRPV1 is considered an integrator of noxious stimuli and therefore may be at a crossroads for pain transmission pathways. Because of its potential for managing multiple pain types, including osteoarthritis, chronic low back pain, neuropathic pain, and cancer pain, some consider it «the holy grail» of pain management. This dedicated reference summarizes available data related to the potential therapeutic utility for TRPV1 ligands. With contributions from many of the worlds leading experts on TRP channels, Vanilloid Receptor TRPV1 in Drug Discovery covers the important TRPV1 target for drugs to treat painful conditions such as inflammation, arthritis, and cancer pain. The book discusses: Recent advances in biology, chemistry, and pharmacology at both the preclinical and clinical stage of the dynamic area of TRPV1 drug discovery research The potential for drugs targeting TRPV1 in painful conditions such as inflammation, arthritis, and cancer The development of analgesic drugs Other applications for TRPV1, including the treatment of respiratory disease and diabetes Featuring data relevant to the therapeutic potential of TRPV1 and the medicinal chemistry involved in designing TRPV1 antagonists, Vanilloid Receptor TRPV1 in Drug Discovery is a key tool for researchers in the pharmaceutical industry and academia involved in pain, ion channels, and analgesic drug development.

12238.33 РУБ



Rosemary Mander Pain in Childbearing and its Control. Key Issues for Midwives Women

Focusing on the mothers experience of pain and her contribution to its control, this accessible text covers the background to historical and scientific understanding of pain and considers methods of researching and measuring pain. Now in its 2nd edition, Pain in Childbearing and its Control explores pregnancy, labour and puerperal pain, along with fetal and neonatal pain. As well as approaching the topic in considerable depth, the word pain is interpreted broadly. Throughout the text, research-based theoretical approaches to pain and pain control are presented within the context of care. The possibility of caring interventions being iatrogenic, or aggravating the womans pain, lends this book a perceptively political orientation. Pain in Childbearing and its Control will be invaluable to midwives and a wide range of care providers who seek to assist the woman in coping with her experience of childbearing and any associated pain.

2138.84 РУБ



Allen Martha Meir Alcohol: A Dangerous and Unnecessary Medicine, How Why

Nancy Scanlan Complementary Medicine for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses

Complementary Medicine for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses is the first resource on holistic veterinary care written specifically for the veterinary technician. Organized by treatment modality, the book offers practical information designed to help readers develop an understanding of each modality, assist with procedures associated with holistic medicine, and knowledgeably discuss treatment options with clients. Outlining the respective roles of technicians and veterinarians throughout, this book is a welcome reference for readers looking to expand their knowledge of complementary veterinary medicine and introduce additional treatment options in their practice.

4665.23 РУБ



Dionne Raymond A. Orofacial Pain. A Guide to Medications and Management

Orofacial Pain: A Guide to Medications and Management brings together guidance and information on the rational use of medications for the treatment of chronic orofacial pain. Focusing on clinically relevant information throughout and aiming itself squarely at the needs of dentists and other clinicians working directly with orofacial pain, the book covers the use of oral, injectable and topical medications for managing neuropathic and musculoskeletal pain, headache, and uncommon orofacial pain disorders. Useful features, such as discussion of the top 60 medications prescribed for orofacial pain, are integrated with comprehensive coverage of drug types, pharmacolegal issues, and the interaction of medication management with other treatment strategies.

8872.15 РУБ



Ball Eustace Hale Traffic in Souls: A Novel of Crime and Its Cure

Dr Offit Paul Killing Us Softly: The Sense and Nonsense of Alternative Medicine

A medical expert – the Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia – offers a scathing expose of the alternative medicine industry, revealing how its popular therapies are ineffective, expensive and even deadly.A half a century ago, acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy, Chinese herbs, Christian exorcisms, dietary supplements, chiropractic manipulations and traditional Indian remedies were once considered on the fringe of medicine. Now, these practices—known as alternative, complementary, holistic, and integrative medicine—have become mainstream, used by those seeking to burn fat, detoxify livers, shrink prostates, alleviate colds, stimulate brains, boost energy, reduce stress, enhance immunity, eliminate pain, prevent cancer, and enliven sex.But as Paul Offit reveals, alternative medicine – an unregulated industry under no legal obligation to prove its claims or admit its risks – can actually be harmful to our health. In Killing Us Softly he exposes how:• Homeopathic asthma preparations and bogus cancer cures have replaced life-saving medicines.• Indian remedies have contained dangerous quantities of heavy metals.• Chinese herbs have caused kidney failure and bone marrow suppression.• Acupuncture needles have pierced hearts, lungs, and livers and transmitted viruses, including hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV.• Chiropractic manipulations have torn arteries.• Dietary supplements have caused uncontrolled bleeding, heart failure, hallucinations, arrhythmias, seizures, coma, and death.• Megavitamins increase the risk of cancer and heart disease—a fact well known to scientists but virtually unknown to the public.Using dramatic real-life stories, Dr Offit separates the sense from the nonsense, showing why any therapy – alternative or traditional – should be scrutinized. As he writes, “There’s no such thing as alternative medicine. There’s only medicine that works and medicine that doesn’t.”

401.62 РУБ



Linda Merrill Small Animal Internal Medicine for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses

Small Animal Internal Medicine for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses is the first comprehensive resource on internal medicine written for the veterinary technician. Organized by body system, each chapter discusses pertinent diseases, from clinical signs, diagnostic testing, and prevalence to treatment options and nursing considerations. Published in association with the Academy of Internal Medicine for Veterinary Technicians, this book offers both a thorough grounding in the foundations of internal medicine for students and new veterinary technicians and detailed, advanced information suitable for experienced veterinary technicians. Coverage includes an overview of neurological disorders and discussion of the surgical, emergency, and nursing considerations for each condition. This complete reference, which includes a companion website with quizzes, images, and video clips, is essential reading for veterinary technician students, practicing technicians, and those studying for the AIMVT specialty exam.

6577.46 РУБ



The Cure - Mixed Up (2 LP)

Arthur Timothy Shay Grappling with the Monster; Or, Curse and Cure of Strong Drink

John Posner The Textbook of Pharmaceutical Medicine

The Textbook of Pharmaceutical Medicine is the standard reference for everyone working and learning in pharmaceutical medicine. It is a comprehensive resource covering the processes and practices by which medicines are developed, tested and approved, and the recognised text for the Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine. This fully revised Seventh Edition, which includes two new Editors, encompasses current developments within pharmaceutical medicine with new chapters on biological therapeutics, pharmacovigilance, vaccines, drugs for cancer, drug development in paediatrics and neonatalogy, the clinical trials directive, life cycle management of medicines, counterfeit medicines and medical marketing. Also included for easy reference, and referred to throughout the text, are the Declaration of Helsinki, Guidelines and Documentation for Implementation of Clinical Trials, relevant European Directives and the Syllabus for Pharmaceutical Medicine. Written by an international team of leading academics, medical directors and lawyers, The Textbook of Pharmaceutical Medicine, Seventh Edition meets the needs of both those working in pharmaceutical medicine and preparing for the Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine. The text breaks down into three core sections: Part I: Research and Development Part II: Regulation Part III: Healthcare marketplace View Table of Contents in detail

22326.05 РУБ




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